Tick Tock


This is one of those moments where correcting a bad habit is a double negative. I used to eat when I was bored. So I started filling in my time with other items, in order to avoid that pitfall. However, right now I’m waiting on some pretty big news, that will come in some time today. So I am trying to distract myself, which I used to be able to do with food. So now I just have to figure out what to do with myself until I get the news. Well I guess one good fall back is writing. I used to not have that, and it keeps my brain engaged and occupied. Getting my brain sharper was the reason I started blogging, but it also fights boredom during a bad moment. Of course I can also cruise through other interesting blogs, which helps build motivation to stick to my goals. It’s realy interesting to see how many different bloggers are out there. You can go through 1,000 blogs, and each one is unique. Even 1,000 blogs on the same topic are all different. Yet I can still read a post and completely relate to it and think, that’s exactly what I went through, I know right? 

Quite amazing for us to be so different, going through completely different situations, and yet still understand the emotions, struggles, and achievements in others. It shows how connected we actually are, since we can pull motivation from just hearing someone elses story. It shows how much we connect and relate with others. Maybe it amplifies it online because we typically aren’t looking at someone’s socioeconomic class, race, gender, hairstyle, accent, or anything else that we can’t help but use to ananlyze the people in our everyday lives. When people blog online, we are normally just reading their words directly, which cuts out a lot of mental filters. You can apply yourself more directly to their story, and see yourself in their shoes, because at the heart of it we are very similar. Take out societal archetypes, and just read pure writing, and it’s easy to connect. That or maybe bloggers are just awesome, which is why there are so many great blogs. 

I just got an idea, if you know of any great blogs, (including your own), post or comment below. I can find really great posts in the most random ways, so I’d be curious to see if you guys have any favorite blog recommendations. I love reading new information, everyone has a unique perspective. That will also help me keep my mind occupied, and happy


Joyous June, wait it’s already here?

Can you believe it’s June 1’st 2017? Weren’t we just celebrating the new year? This is


Can you believe it’s June 1’st 2017? Weren’t we just celebrating the new year? This is the other day of the year that I like to reflect on what I’ve done, and where I plan to go. June 1’st will always be a memorable day for me. It was the day I met a boy (isn’t that how it normally goes), who completely changed my life. Now the great thing about meeting someone, learning from them, having a crush, or falling in love, is that their participation is not required for your self growth. Sometimes our feelings run away, which may bring a whole set of challenges that we have never faced before. This is our moment to learn who who are, where we could improve, and what we are capable of. Did you ever do something completely out of character while under the influence of love? 


It can change our personalities, opinions, passions, beliefs, even values. And it can swallow you up, which is when you see a person who has no self identify in a relationship. Or, you can take those and challenge yourself on every angle, clarifying who you are, sharpening your mind, self awareness, abilities, and the direction of your life.

I definitely chose the latter. Maybe not always consciously, but that’s just fine. As an individual I’ve grown from the connections with others. Weak minds can be easily swayed, manipulated, and controlled. Over confident minds do the exact same thing. If you learn to trust your instincts, take care of yourself, and never stop analyzing a situation, you will be protected from dishonest people. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. Never allowing myself to think that I would always be able to tell if I was being deceived. Trust is built over long periods of time, where the person proves their character. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to guard against such people when I was a young teen, so I got to learn the hard way.


However, the lessons I learned from those experiences had a profoundly positive impact on my life. Take advantage of hardships to grow in ways that others can’t. Life experiences can change you in ways that nothing else can. You can surprise yourself with your actions, thoughts, and words when your interacting with others. We all need quiet time, but it is important to see what happens when life gets challenging, and your thrust into a hectic situation. Do you stick to your values, do what you planned? Or does the pressure sway you into doing what others want? If so, why is that happening, and what can you do to change it?

Pain can serve as a motivator to improve our lives, and better our futures. Or, it could cause someone to give up, or stop trying. If you’ve gone through a tough painful situation, and have learned something from it, then you are making the most out of it, and using it to your advantage. Like I said, you don’t need another’s consent for them to improve your life. It just depends on you. I’ve learned some of my most valuable life lessons from some of the worst people. Painful experiences motivate me to figure out what the heck is going on, how to stop it, and how to prevent it from happening again. When things are going good, I don’t tend to make life altering decisions, because, well, things are going good, so why ruin it?

Have you ever become better or stronger after going through a negative relationship? Are you grateful for meeting the person, even though you’d never want to go through the situation again? You can let it hinder you, or use it as a launching point to develop yourself. Either way, looking back on the year so far, are you where you thought you’d be? June marks the halfway point. Is there anything you want to accomplish before we hit 2018. Now would be the opportune moment. I might not be able to do everything I want, or know everything I want, or even have everything I want, but I’m working hard each day for it. I’m satisfied with that. I’ve got goals, I’m improving myself a little each day, I know where I want to be, what I want to do, and I’m working to get there. I can be proud of that fact, even if things aren’t always perfect. Life can trip us up in a lot of ways, but you just have to keep moving forward. In other ways, life surprises us with great things we never saw coming. 

As for me, June 1’st will always be a day to remember, but what will it be for you?