Safe Travels

Alright first I talked about the weather,  now I would like draw attention to travelling safety. There are places that are very dangerous for say country/rural citizens because they are lacking common sense awareness. I use stories to put things in perspective, because what one person thinks is “safe” is just relative to their experiences. Say for example, when I was a baby I lived in a pretty big city. Kidnappings were a common occurance, like daily. Even things like someone would go up and ask the parent a question, then another person would grab the baby out of the stroller and take off running. 2 seconds, and your child is now gone. It was just part of daily life, but yet it doesn’t get reported on all that much because it looks bad for those cities. And yet when I moved to the country, kidnappings were treated more as an urban myth. I know one example that really shocked me, was a guy who was probably 20 at the time, and thought kidnappings only happened say when a family member took a kid. He didn’t think strangers kidnapped kids, his answer was, “that doesn’t make any sense, what would they do with someone elses kid?”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the obsurdity of it. I know my mother was mocked a lot for always knowing where me and my siblings were. It seemed like overkill to the people of a small town, but to her it was idiotic to trust that strangers had good intentions for your child. To her, she saw the town people as equivalent to going, hey look Johnny that man in the van says he’s got free candy, why don’t you go get some? So it didn’t really bother her all that much to be made fun of for protecting her kids.

Now of course growing up I also had a different perspective than those around me. I mean going from a major city, with some high crime rates, to a rural town, definitely caused some difference in opinions. One of the wierdest things I see now, are online safety reviews for different areas. Different people have a different meaning to the word “safe”. In the places I’ve lived, some thought safe meant you didn’t really run into problems as long as you were home before dark. And they would think, well it’s like that in most places. And then I’ve met people who thought a safe area, was where people didn’t lock their doors, or sometimes just used a screen door. The problem with these situations, is that they read online and find that another city is “safe”. But I would go, yeah but they are not using your definition of safe. Which was why one kid I knew from the rural area, moved to a “safe” part of the city, and got robbed within the week. I’m surprised nothing worse happened, but he did move straight back after the incident. I’m pretty sure any form of awareness would have prevented that issue in the first place. He just went, oh this area is safe, so I don’t need to watch my surroundings, be careful who I walk by, or be careful about what I carry.

Anyways, my point is you can’t trust people’s opinions about a location. They are using their own experiences to judge what a place is like, relative to the other places they have been. And in this day and age, online reviews can give a person a false sense of security. You can certainly take their comments into consideration, but don’t believe it till you see it. And always be careful when travelling. Heck nowadays, just always be careful. I saw one news story, where the ladies car was being stolen at a gas station. This badass lady jumped on the hood, and started banging the windshield and screaming at the guy. He tried to drive somewhat to shake her off, but she was having none of it. He eventually gave up and left in the other getaway car, but I was like, dang, nicely done lady. So even at your local gas station, be vigilant, people can and do, just hop in others cars and drive off. I meant to talk about the benefits of travel, but I guess there are only benefits if you stay safe. You need to travel to get a sense of the world, but it is a dangerous place, so prepare for the worst, and then you can enjoy yourself. Being kidnapped or robbed, would definitely ruin any type of vacation or travel.