Tick Tock


This is one of those moments where correcting a bad habit is a double negative. I used to eat when I was bored. So I started filling in my time with other items, in order to avoid that pitfall. However, right now I’m waiting on some pretty big news, that will come in some time today. So I am trying to distract myself, which I used to be able to do with food. So now I just have to figure out what to do with myself until I get the news. Well I guess one good fall back is writing. I used to not have that, and it keeps my brain engaged and occupied. Getting my brain sharper was the reason I started blogging, but it also fights boredom during a bad moment. Of course I can also cruise through other interesting blogs, which helps build motivation to stick to my goals. It’s realy interesting to see how many different bloggers are out there. You can go through 1,000 blogs, and each one is unique. Even 1,000 blogs on the same topic are all different. Yet I can still read a post and completely relate to it and think, that’s exactly what I went through, I know right? 

Quite amazing for us to be so different, going through completely different situations, and yet still understand the emotions, struggles, and achievements in others. It shows how connected we actually are, since we can pull motivation from just hearing someone elses story. It shows how much we connect and relate with others. Maybe it amplifies it online because we typically aren’t looking at someone’s socioeconomic class, race, gender, hairstyle, accent, or anything else that we can’t help but use to ananlyze the people in our everyday lives. When people blog online, we are normally just reading their words directly, which cuts out a lot of mental filters. You can apply yourself more directly to their story, and see yourself in their shoes, because at the heart of it we are very similar. Take out societal archetypes, and just read pure writing, and it’s easy to connect. That or maybe bloggers are just awesome, which is why there are so many great blogs. 

I just got an idea, if you know of any great blogs, (including your own), post or comment below. I can find really great posts in the most random ways, so I’d be curious to see if you guys have any favorite blog recommendations. I love reading new information, everyone has a unique perspective. That will also help me keep my mind occupied, and happy


Day 4

Finished early today. Started reading Robinson Crusoe, which I think I might have had mixed up with Treasure Island. Interesting just to read the difference in speech. Found out that the author was a secret agent for the government in the early 1700’s. Wonder if that gave him some good stories to use for his books. Seems like the best author’s go out and get real life experience. Though a lot of times it’s not on purpose. That’s why I love travelling. I like going to places that aren’t tourist traps as well, and actually seeing the more real life daily activities. I’ll need to plan another area to go, even if it’s local, going to a new area is also a great brain booster! ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ–๐Ÿœ

Also tried liquid aminos with spaghetti squash. It was pretty good. Spaghetti squash is a great alternative to regular wheat spaghetti. Tastes good with sauce, butter, or just salt. The best crust alternative I’ve found is rice cawliflower crust. When you make it, the cawliflower gets mixed with egg and cheese, and (if cooked right), it can even harden just like regular bread. I’ve used it for sandwich bread as well. Its super good, especially if you’re avoiding grains.

Aboveโคด Yummy deep dish pizza I made with cawliflower crust. Dang, now I want pizza ๐Ÿ˜ You can mix in some Italian seasoning when making the crust as well. It’s pretty customizable, which makes it so tasty ๐Ÿ™‚