How to climb over a moutain

Have you ever had that moment, where you know what you want, and more or less how to get there, but the size of the task is daunting. I feel like that at the moment. After my trip, I started getting back into the flow of things and reevaluating where I want to go and what I want to do. Any way I look at it, there is a Lot of stuff I have to accomplish in order to hit my goals. Plus I’m not 100% sure it’s the right direction. I mean I could commit to a big project, and realize it didn’t get me what was advertised. Kind of like picking a major. Your going to have to commit a lot of time and energy, work hard etc. to get that degree, but at the same time a lot of people wonder if it’s going to put them on their desired carreer track, or if they should have focused on something else. 

That’s where my reserve is coming in right now, I can usually handle large tasks when I know what I’ll get in return. But this is going to require a lot of work, yet I don’t know if it will put me on the right path. Time is also a factor. You could start off with an Undeclared major, but your still on a time restraint to pick one. I also tend to over analyze things, so I end up with too many choices, and what ifs. Then I stall, and just feel more pressure. Well if it was easy, we’d all be rich and successful. The thing I’m trying to figure out now, is how to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed.

When I started my first job out of college, I learned how to focus on one task at a time. My boss would give me tons of work that he wanted done yesterday, and I had to keep from panicking. That habbit has stayed with me. The difference now, is that I’m trying to plan ahead, so I can’t just focus on the task in front of me. I have to know the bigger picture as well.

However, when I think about the bigger picture, it makes me procrastinate today. Well I know it’s good to think about it, instead of ignoring the issue. My only answer is that I’m going to have to commit to myself. Even if I end up going the wrong direction, it’s easier to readjusted then if your not moving at all. If I view it as a challenge, it becomes more fun. If I see it as an investment in myself, even if I decide not to make a career out of it, I’ve gained knowledge and skills. One thing I’ve learned is that things can connect in the strangest ways. So typically the more experience you have the more it will help you in your current position, even if it’s not related. I just have to stop looking at it as something that will be bad if I don’t accomplish, but as something that will be amazing if I do accomplish. 

Stagnating is the worst thing to do, but feeling overwhelmed can get you stuck fast. Focus on the journey, the improvement and the scenery. The hardest journeys make the most inspirational stories. If I see the mountain as the obstacle, I might never get the motivation to go, but if I look at the journey itself, it starts to sound fun. Maybe that’s just me. Either way, it’s best to move, it’s always easier to stay commited once you’ve made some progress.


Saving for a Sunny Day

Do you have a plan for your future? Many of us neglect things in the here and now because we’re focused on today’s troubles. If we pay attention or not, the future is fast approaching. The decisions we make now create our new today. All we ever have to work with is today. 

We have 1,096 todays until May 25 2020. 1,826 todays until May 25 2022. Which are 3 and 5 years out. Tomorrow, we will have 1,095, and then 1,094. The older you get the faster time seems to go but the more we tend to ignore it. Are you where you want to be today? Maybe you don’t know how to get where you want, but everyone has something they could be doing better. If you spend some time each day focusing on an area, 1,826 times, will make you proficient in almost any area. Learn a language, play a sport, learn to paint, read a few hundred books, grow a garden, or any number of things are possible if you dedicate a little time every day. We all have the same amount of days, and 5 years will be here before you know it, but will you be who you want, know what you want, or be able to do what you want?

I had never written out a 5 year plan before, because it seemed too far away. How could you prepare for something so ambiguous, when you don’t know where you could be living, working, doing etc. But, I realized the one thing that will be constant, Me. I will still be with me 5 years from now even if everything else has changed. So, there are plenty of things I can focus on in order to be who I want in 5 years. I don’t want to look back and go, dang if I had just spent more time doing this, I would be in such a better spot right now. I want my future self to be appreciative of my current self for putting in the energy each day to make a better future. 

Hard skills won’t be useless, even if life gets flipped upside down. They serve as a cusion for rough times, and wings for successful times. Gaining new skills and abilities, changes a person, and makes them more likely to adapt and grow in changing environments. So be it 10-20 minutes even an hour, dedicated to a task you wish to achieve, that’s one less thing to worry about in 5 years, and something to look forward to. Have fun with it, I did. I went, if I spend a little time each day, in 5 years I’ll be pretty good, so what do I want to be able to do? We are a generation with the blessings and curses of the internet. We have access to vasts amounts of information, that has never before existed. Use it to your advantage, and though everything else may change, help your future self by planning a little time towards a goal. They will thank you for it 🙂

I regret that iregret is not a word

There is a lot of conflicting research online about regret. Positive, negative, helpful, harmful? It can have many different interpretations. Going through some old photos, I couldn’t help but evaluate some of the choices I made growing up. I’m proud of a few things, and question a few others, but is it okay to regret major decisions? 

It could be helpful to hold onto regrets for future decisions. Say if you end up in the same predicament, you can make a better choice next time. Still, wouldn’t it have been better to make the right decision both times? It could be better to not be focused on the past however, and just keep looking forward. It’s possible you could make a similiar choice that you come to regret. It’s also possible that making a similar choice later may lead to a completely different result. I mean often isn’t it our weaknesses we often regret and not the decision. It means something was in our control, but through bad judgement, fear, naivete, or a lack of self discipline, we make the ‘wrong’ choice. It’s impossible to make a wrong choice, if we didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Now I can only speak for myself, but when I make an incorrect decision, regardless of the reason, I have been able to use regret as a motivator. By telling myself, I will not end up in that situation again, and then remembering the feelings that came last time, it makes it a lot easier to make a different decision. Most situations aren’t that cut and dry however. I don’t know if door B would have been any better than door A, in fact it could have been worse. Because of this I find it hard to regret things in life. The choices I made brought me to where I am, and turned me into who I am. I love myself, and all the stupid things I’ve done in the past. Do I want to improve? More than anything, because I know I have a lot of room to grow. I want to see what I can do in this life, and who I can become. My daily actions are what’s going to get me there. 

I’ve learned the most from some of the most difficult situations I’ve been through. Even if a not so prepared me, dove headfirst into that mess. I wish life were easier, but then I wouldn’t have tested my limits in the way I have. I wouldn’t be mad at myself for failing because I believe I can succeed. I wouldn’t risk my health, finances, and sometimes sanity, for the opportunity of a better future. Maybe I regret that I don’t regret my somewhat intuitive decisions. My belief in a better future, has overpowered my fear of failure. And who knows, I could have become this way because of a decision I later regretted. It’s a complex isssue, my main thought is why let a past regret stop you from something great today? Today is the only day you will ever have to make a decision. So get out there and make some iregrets 🙂

‘Shouldn’t have had the side of boar, it’s definitely showing on my thighs’ 🐗