Day 1 Closing

Managed to hit each category today. Violin 20 minutes, was a little rusty, but started getting back in the flow. I went hiking for my exercise and ran into some cool fellow travelors…

Got a lot of reading in this morning, but also did some reading later. I started going through an old encyclopedia. Did you know at the end of WW1, the devistation was so bad that the countries thought the world would never go to war again. Also there is a type of heyena called an aardwolf. It doesn’t have sharp teeth, but it has a sticky tounge so it eats ants and bugs. 

I got coding in later. I tried to start with Java, but it seemed like I was already missing somethings, so I went back and started witb C++. I tried to code 今日わ世界 (hello world in japanese), but after computing, it did something really wierd with the text. I worked mainly on Kanji for Japanese study, but also listened to Japanese audio while hiking. I got meditation in later too. I cooked squash if that counts for cooking.

Kabocha squash is one of my favorites. Oh and I did sudoku for probably 20 minutes. And I think that’s it. It seemed like a lot, but I think I’ll adapt fast. It helps to stop and smell the flowers, which I wouldn’t have done, if not for my new commitments.


Day 1 Prep

Alright, today starts day 1. I started off by getting up semi early and doing some research. A few articles had some great insight on productive hobbies and habits. There was a surprising number that I had started to attempt without even knowing the benefits. One being blogging/journaling. It is said to be a great motivator, as well as improving brain functionality and creativity. You can also get to know yourself better by writing, and boost your linguistic ability. After a few hours of research, I decided on which hobbies I would dedicate my time to on a daily basis. There are a few things that are also great for you, but just aren’t a daily thing.

Here’s the list of top activities that grow your brain and self (most articles discussed the fact that people are not usually born with a set amount of intelligence, it’s something you can grow).

Daily Brain Boosting Activities

Exercise: 30 minutes

Play an Instrument: 20 minutes

Read: 20 minutes

Mind Games (Sudoku/Chess): 10 minutes

Meditation: 10 minutes

Learn a new language: 1 hour

Write/Journal: 10 minutes

Learn to Code: 20 minutes

And that comes to a grand total of 3 hours per day of productive brain boosting activity. Many people easily spend that amount of time watching television each day. I know I was guilty of that as well. I personalized this list, though it does include almost every top hobby people should do. Other beneficial activities include cooking, photography, playing with a pet, dancing, juggling, volunteering, Improv Comedy, travel, crafts, etc. I hope to incorporate many of these, as either part of a daily goal, or it’s just something that’s hard to commit to daily, like travel. I plan to travel, but I can’t make a daily commitment to it. Also things like cooking, I already do on a daily basis, but I don’t need to set a time frame. 

I have already started on some of them, such as playing an instrument. I have started playing the Violin for the past year now, but it has been sporatic and not consistent. I’ve been reading more, but I want to stick to it. I’m currently reading The Five Rings (The Art of Strategy). I have just started to learn about coding, and I think that would be a great investment of time. As well, I have been learning Japanese for over a year, and have seen great benefits from it. I have immensely enjoyed learning it, and think it is a great investment. I plan to become fluent, and I know this will require a lot of consistent practice. 

If you are interested in further reading, I have put the links to a few of the articles below. Great reference and motivation for starting up your own hobby.
Now lets get this journey started 🙂 

Motivated at 1 A.M. 

Don’t most of us aspire to do more, accomplish more, be more? Coming from a generation that has grown up watching superhumans on television, I believe the current youth has grown restless. I know I have, and maybe I won’t be able to fly, or see through walls, but I believe we can become much more successful than we have been told. 

Gojuuni is my personal attempt to document human potential. A lot of times growth is slow, tedious, and boring. It’s so exciting on the big screen, but not so much in everyday life. I want to document the struggle of persistence and dedication, with average tasks. 

I titled the blog Gojuuni, which means 52 in Japanese. This represents my commitment to challenge my lifestyle for 52 weeks. I plan to follow up with my list of rules I will be following, but for now, I decided to stop procrastinating and get this project started. This will be a long term commitment, but I’m sure I will learn a lot, and have some great results! Looking forward to see where I will be April 30’th 2018, and how I got there.

Yoroshiku 🙂